Prof. Dr. Guangliang Zhang

Renmin University of China (former IP judge)

IP Trends in Asia session

Dr. ZHANG Guangliang is an associate professor of Renmin University of China Law School, a member of World Intellectual Property Organization Independent Advisory Oversight committee, an adjunct professor with the John Marshall Law School (Chicago, IL, USA), and a deputy secretary general of China Intellectual Property Law Society.

Before he transitioned to the academics, Dr. Zhang worked at Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court as a judge, deputy chief judge and acting chief judge of the Intellectual Property Tribunal, and the director of the Research Department and Adjudication Committee Member of the Court from July 1994 to June 2007.

His publications include Issues & Cases in Intellectual Property Enforcement (the Publishing House of Law, 1999), Civil Remedies for Intellectual Property Infringement (the Publishing House of Law, 2003), The Judicial Protection of Industrial Designs (the Publishing House of Law, 2008), Study on the Application & Enforcement of Intellectual Property (the Publishing House of Intellectual Property, 2009), and Study on Hot Issues of IPR Civil Litigation (the Publishing House of Intellectual Property, 2009).