Trends and Rulings Regarding Service Inventions

Tuesday, March 22, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Hall C

Inventions are made by individuals, who are often employees. The law in Israel provides that inventions arrived at by employees, in consequence of their service, are the property of the employer. The law imposes on the employee duties of disclosure and cooperation. Furthermore, the law provides that, absent an agreement determining whether, to what extent and on what conditions the employee is entitled to remuneration for a service invention, the matter shall be decided by a specialized tribunal.
In recent years there appear to be more and more cases in this area of law. Some cases addressing disputes over service inventions created confusion and uncertainty. Various companies find such uncertainty to hinder their business and create an environment which is unfriendly to R&D efforts and investments in Israel.
Issues relating to employee inventions are dealt with in various jurisdictions, not necessarily based on the same principles and guidelines. This may present a challenge to global players operating in several jurisdictions.
The panel, consisting of leading experts from various jurisdictions, will explore the above challenges from different perspectives, in Israel, the US and Europe, and will consider suggestions with respect to how technology-based companies can minimise the risks associated with the above.

Moderator: Adv. Liad Whatstein, Liad Whatstein & Co.

  • Adv. Tal Band, President of AIPPI Israel, Co-chair of the conference organizing committee: Employees Inventions in Israel: Where Do we Go From Here?
  • Dr. Ralph Nack, Partner, Noerr, Deputy Reporter General, AIPPI: Employees’ Invention Law in Germany and Europe
  • Mr. Philip C. Swain, Partner, Foley Hoag, chair of AIPPI US: Employee Inventions in the United States
  • Adv. Einav Zilber, Attorney and Intellectual Property counsel for Applied Materials Israel & India, Chairperson of the Israeli Patent Attorneys Association: Employees inventions- A view from the Industry.