The Future of "Big Data"

Moderator: Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren, Professor of Law and Director of the Haifa Center of Law & Technology at the University of Haifa School of Law. 
  • Mr. Amit Ashkenazi, Legal Advisor of The Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB): Cybersecurity and Big Data – legal aspects.
  • Dr. Michal Shur-Ofry, the Hebrew University: Big Data and the Challenge of Access to Error
  • Mr. Amir Milo, General Manager, Engineering, Microsoft Israel R&D Center: Big, Bigger, Extra Big: Litigation in a World of Big Data
  • Prof. Roni Gamzu, Director General of Ichilov Medical Center, and former director general of the Health Ministry : Big Data in Health Care
  • Mr. Yaron Blachman, Technology & Forensics Consulting Leader, PWC Israel: Gut & gigabytes: Capitalizaing on the art and science in decision making

Tuesday, March 21, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Hall B

Digitization of information has brought down the costs of storage, aggregation and retrieval of information to near zero levels sparking an international revolution in the way businesses and governments collect, access and further use such information from the now mundane automated inventory analysis or book search to the futuristic medical diagnostic and discovery applications to the more controversial areas of telephone data collection and financial records monitoring by law enforcement entities. Growth is exponential. Data is collected ubiquitously and nearly without notice whether at point of sale of products or by internet robots. Opportunities for discovery of new information from and analysis of existing data is becoming limitless. Big Data has great value for those who use it and at times proprietary rights for those who create it or create means for accessing data. No less striking are the implications for privacy, anonymity and correcting mistaken personal data.