Dr. Michal Rosen-Zvi

IBM Director for Health Informatics on WATSON

Innovative Health Care session

Dr. Rosen-Zvi is Director for Health Informatics at IBM Research. She is also heading the Health Informatics Department at IBM Research, Haifa. She did PhD in Physics and submitted her thesis entitled "Learning from examples in complex networks" in 2002. In the three years that followed she conducted postdoctoral studies in the area of Machine Learning in UC Berkeley, UC Irvine and the Hebrew University; In summer 2005 she joined IBM Research in Haifa. She has contributed to and lead a number of multidisciplinary projects where physicians, data scientists and  experts from Pharmaceutical companies joined forces to analyze post launch patients data.  She published close to forty peer-reviewed papers and co-chaired a dozen of workshops in the area of machine learning and health informatics. She gave talks at numerous forums and gave a course at TLV University about probabilistic graphical models and its value in the world of medicine.