Prof. Hagit Messer Yaron

President of the Open University, Israel, former Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Science
Universities and patents - facts, analysis and trends

Hagit Messer received the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University (TAU), ISRAEL, and after a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University, she joined the faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University in 1986, where she is a Professor of Electrical Engineering. On 2000 - 2003 she has been on leave from TAU, serving as the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science, ISRAEL. After returning to TAU she was the head of the Porter school of environmental studies (2004-6), and the Vice President for Research and Development 2006-8.
On Oct. 1, 2008 she began her 5-years term as the President of the Open University in Israel.
Beside being an active researcher in the field of Statistical Signal Processing, Prof. Messer-Yaron is also interested in various aspects of higher-education science policy, including ethics, science-society interplay, and commercialization of academic research. She has been invited by WIPO to speak about industry-academia relations in numerous events, mostly in countries in transition, following her book "Capitalism and the Ivory Tower" (published in Hebrew on 2008), and her related publications on this topic.