Mr. Howard Poliner

Head of the Intellectual Property Department of the Legislation and Legal Counsel division of the Israel Ministry of Justice

Trademarks and Geographical Names session
IP and International Trade Agreements 

The IP department develops new government sponsored IP legislation and provides legal opinions and counsel to the government, its ministries, the States Attorney on all aspects of intellectual property law including taking part in bilateral and multilateral negotiations involving intellectual property rights. Attorney Poliner is an adjunct professor of IP law at the Hebrew University School of Law and was formerly the Deputy Israel Patent Commissioner. Prior to immigrating to Israel Attorney Poliner worked with the New York City law firm of D'Amato & Lynch and the Connecticut law firm of Poliner, Poliner and Rosen. Attorney Poliner is a graduate of the Hofstra University School of Law (1985) and holds a B.A. degree in Economics and Government from Connecticut College (1981). He is a member of the New York, Connecticut and Israel Bar.