Mr. Gerard Myon

Treasurer General, AIPPI

Changes in the European Patent System (UPC) session

Gérard Myon joined LAVOIX in 1995. He and has been a member of the firm's Executive Committee since 2002 and was named Executive Officer in charge of patent matters in october 2009.
His practice covers patent prosecution and litigation in various mechanical and electrical fields, in particular weaving techniques, mechanical and electrical connectors, electrostatic spraying systems, electrical motors, special machines, robotics; Gérard MYON has handled a number of oral proceedings before the Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal of the EPO and has been involved in many patent infringement cases before the French and foreign courts.
Gérard MYON is an lecturer at Centre Paul Roubier for what concerns IP Strategy. He has been involved in AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) since 1995, as member of some working committees and as secretary for Question 167 (Current standards for prior art disclosure in assessing novelty and inventive step requirements).
Gerard MYON is now Treasurer General of AIPPI.