Ms. Idit Ophir

Arad Ophir Ltd. 
Co-convener of the Claim Construction & Implications and  Corporate Patents Management sessions.
Different search approaches by applicants and the Israeli Patent Office (ILPO) part B

Co-Managing together with Rina Arad an information specialists company, Arad-Ophir Ltd.
Representing in Israel  world leaders  in the field of information – Chemical Abstracts Service, LexisNexis and Fiz-Karlsruhe (STN).
20 years of experience in patent, legal, scientific and business information, both as Info-Pro and as trainers for expert searchers.
Arad-Ophir has been leading the Israeli Patent Forum for the last 10 years.
Received M.Sc degree in Neuro Biochemistry from Tel-Aviv university. Living in Tel-Aviv.