Mr. Rafi Margaliot

Vice President and General Manager, Mobile & IT, HP Software
Multinational companies and service inventions in Israel and worldwide
Raffi Margaliot is the vice president and general manager of the Mobile and IT Analytics business unit at HP Software. In this role, Margaliot oversees strategy, execution, and delivery of the company's Mobile, IT analytics, and next generation IT management-as-a-service solutions. His group is also responsible for the user experience across HP Software’s suite of products. In addition, Margaliot drives HP Software’s global innovation program, which is dedicated to creating a culture of innovation across the organization.
Prior to this role, Margaliot led the HP Software Incubation and Foundations product unit, which brings together HP Software’s different product lines to deliver end-to-end solutions. Previously, he also led the product management team responsible for HP Software’s Application Lifecycle Management solutions.

Margaliot joined HP through the acquisition of Mercury Interactive in 2006, where he held various R&D management roles. He was also a founding engineer for TestDirector, a Mercury Interactive product that became the standard for quality management in enterprise software. The TestDirector technology is now a core element of the HP Application Lifecycle Management platform.
Margaliot holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is based in Yehud, Israel.