Mr. Mathieu de Rooij

ZBM Patents & Trademarks
M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, European Patent Attorney
Patent drafting advice to prepare for future prosecution at the EPO
Mathieu worked for over five years as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office in the Hague, in several technical fields, especially in the field of wind turbines; therefore he has a lot of experience in search and substantive examination, and is also familiar with oppositions and appeals. During his stay at the EPO he also gained a privileged insight into the whole grant procedure. He passed the European Qualifying Examination in 2007.

In 2008 Mathieu joined ZBM and moved to Barcelona; he deals with all aspects of patents: patentability reports, drafting and prosecution of European and PCT applications reports on validity and risk of infringement, and Oppositions before the EPO. Mathieu is also actively envolved in ZBM's internal training and frequently lectures on European patent practice. He became a partner and completed the CEIPI training on "Patent Litigation in Europe" in 2011.