Justice Hanan Melcer

Justice, Israeli Supreme Court

Mr. Hanan Melcer, Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel, was born in Israel in 1951 to parents who were Holocaust survivors. He is married and the father of four sons.
Hanan grew up in Tel Aviv. He studied law at the Tel Aviv University, earning his law degree, magna cum laude, in 1973.
Hanan was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1977 and shortly thereafter founded his own law firm, specializing in property and IP law, public law, communication law, and commercial law.
As a lawyer, Justice Melcer served as Legal Counsel to several public and commercial groups and entities, such as Channel 2 News Company (the main TV network in Israel), for which he served as Chief External Legal Counsel from the date of its inception until his nomination to the Supreme Court.
In addition to his activities as a lawyer, Justice Melcer served at the beginning of his career as a Teaching Assistant in Constitutional and Administrative Law to Professor Amnon Rubinstein, then the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Tel Aviv University, and later as Teaching Assistant in Administrative Law to Dr. Asher D. Grunis, former President of the Supreme Court of Israel. Later on, Justice Melcer was a Teaching Assistant in Property Law to the late Dr. Amnon Goldenberg, and to Professor Uriel Reichman.
From 1998 to 2002, Justice Melcer served as Senior Lecturer in Administrative Law in the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University. In the past few years, he also lectured on Tender Law at the University of Tel Aviv and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and led a seminar on Privatization Law and Liberalization in the Law Faculty of the Tel Aviv University.
Justice Melcer was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel in 2007, and he took his seat on August 27 of that same year.