Enforcement of Copyright Laws In The Digital Age 

Moderator: Adv. Haim Ravia, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz
  • Senior Judge Gideon Ginat, The District Court of Tel-Aviv Jaffa: Israeli case law: a judge's view
    Ms. Kim Habraken, Director and Senior Counsel, Content Protection (EMEA) at Twentieth Century Fox: Siteblocking didn't break the Internet
  • Mr. Jonathan Band, Policybandwidth: Shaping the Law: Lessons from America
  • Mr. Yoram Mokady: HOT vice president for content and regulation: War on Piracy - a view from the trenches
  • Prof. Michael Birnhack, Executive Director of the S. Horowitz Institute for Intellectual Property, Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University: The (Ir)relevance of Copyright Law.

Tuesday, March 22, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm, Hall B

Enforcement of copyrights in the Digital Age has created challenges and business models that didn't previously exist. What enforcement
 tools are available in the on line environment and are they sufficiently effective or not worth their effort? Are the 1996 WIPO Copyright Treaties provisions on Rights Management and Technological Protection Measures still relevant? Were they relevant in 1996? Have copyright business models emerged that can prosper without effective enforcement tools? How have libraries and other culture repositories been impacted by digitization and on line enforcement tools? These and related issues will be discussed by the panelists.