Judge Dr. Michal Agmon-Gonnen

District Court of Tel-Aviv
Speaker in The Role of Trademarks in  New Businesses of the 21st Century session (no slides)

1981-1985 Law School, Hebrew University, L.L.B. (completed with honors).
1987  Receipt of Law License.
1999 Hebrew University, Doctorate Degree on the topic: "Restitution in contractual context - Contract Law or the Law of Unjust Enrichment".

Work Experience
1987-1988 Lawyer in the office of Mr. Abramson (advocate) - commercial law.
1989-1991 Work in the Legislation and Advisory Department of the Ministry of Justic - Civil and Commercial Law.
1992-1996 Legal assistant to the President of the Supreme Court of  Israel, Justice Aharon Barak.
1996 Appointed Federal Judge of the Magistrate Court, and Registrar of the Supreme Court of  Israel.
1996-1999 Registrar of the Supreme Court of  Israel.
1996 Lecturer at Tel-Aviv University together with Dr. David Tadmor - "The Proposed Company Law".
2000-2006 Lecturer at the Hebrew University: Courses on Corporate Law and Unjust Enrichment Law..
2000-2007 Lecturer at the Hebrew University: Courses on Corporate Law and Unjust Enrichment Law.

1999- 2007 Federal Judge at the Magistrate (General) Court in Jerusalem.

2007 – Present Federal Judge at the District Court of Tel Aviv.
2008-Present Lecturer at the Tel Aviv University: Mergers and Acquisitions
Michal Agmon-Gonnen, Restitution in Contractual Context: Law of Contract or the rules of Unjust Enrichment (Hebrew University Publication, Israel, 2001 - Hebrew).

Michal Agmon-Gonnen, Restitution in Contractual Context, Thesis for the Doctorate Degree submitted to the Senate of the Hebrew University, 1999 (Hebrew).

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