How to Build A Winning and Valuable Patent Portfolio

Moderator: Mr. Paul Fenster, Head of Local and Foreign Litigation Support, Ehrlich & Fenster: Patents, What and Why-An Overview

  • Mr. Yehuda Binder, Founder Founder & CEO of May Patents Why in patents 1+1=3, and the Israeli problem
  • Mr. Damir Cefo, Counsel at Cohen & Gresser LLP: Building a Powerful US Patent Porfolio from the Ground UP
  • Mr. Robin Keulertz, Partner at Olbricht Patentanwalte: Patents and Startup Companies - a Case Study
  • Dr. Ilan Cohn, AIPPI-Israel, Co-chair of the conference organizing committee, Senior Partner, Reinhold Cohn: IP Strategy: Key for Generating Value in a Tech Venture

Tuesday, March 22, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm, Hall A

Patent are a key component in value creation in the technology world and for most industries it is difficult to envisage a technology licensing deal or an acquisition that will go through without a robust patent portfolio. Against this, case law and legislative changes in the US and in other countries make it considerably more challenging to obtain patents, in general and such having reasonable scope of protection, in particular. These trends, now more than ever before, require to carefully work out an IP strategy, with balanced use of trade secrets and patents to support the business and optimize value creation.