Adv. Tony Greenman

Law Offices and adjunct professor at the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University

IP and Media: The Story of Successful Formats session

Tony Greenman specializes in copyright law, trademarks, media, and entertainment law. He acts as legal adviser to many media projects in the fields of film, television, publishing, music and new media. Tony has represented the producers or creators of many well‐known feature films, television series, games shows and documentaries in Israel, including “Waltz With Bashir”, "Lebanon" “Ajami”, “Walk on Water”, “A Matter of Size”, “Internal Grammar”, "Big Bad Wolves", “The Syrian Bride”, "Fill the Void", "Zero Motivation", "A Borrowed Identity", "Ananda", "Polishok", "Yellow Peppers", "Pillars of Smoke", "Zaguri Empire", "The Flat", "Children of the Sun", "Still Standing", "Boom", "Candid Camera", "Tyrant" and the Israeli versions of "the Office" and "Golden Girls. He has, handled many options and purchases and sales of format and remake rights, as well as financing, international co‐production, author, talent, and distribution agreements.

Tony has also represented clients in a number of precedential court cases within his field of expertise. He was counsel for the Israeli Film and Television Directors in two precedential cases, which established for the first time that directors are authors and first owners of copyright in their films and other works and their rights to receive royalties for the various exploitations of those works. He was on the team that successfully represented the Israel Sports Betting Authority in the defense of an action brought by the Premier League and other professional football leagues in Britain, which led to a precedential Supreme Court judgment defining the test for originality in copyright law. Additionally, he obtained a precedential ruling holding that a pre‐digital era assignment of publishing rights did not extend to digital publishing rights, which remained vested with the author.

In addition to the above, Tony is the author of “Copyright”, the most cited textbook on that subject in Israel (over 250 citations by the courts, 25 of them by the Supreme Court), as well as the 100 page chapter on Israel in “Copyright Throughout the World” (edited by prominent copyright scholar Silke von Lewinski and published by Thomson‐Reuters/West). Tony serves as an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University, where he lectures in Intellectual Property Law, and is a guest lecturer at other universities and colleges, Including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Haifa University. 

Tony also advises on matters concerning internet law, including privacy, IP and service provider liability, as well as on matters relating to internet advertising and marketing, including the use of trademarks online. He also acts as a mediator and arbitrator in intellectual property and entertainment disputes and is on the WIPO list of neutral arbitrators and mediators.   Tony is a member of the Israel and California bars. Additionally, he is a board member of the Israeli branch of ALAI, and a member of the Copyright Society of the USA and of INTA.