Adv. Suzanne Erez

Manager and Intellectual Property Counsel, IBM

Commercialization of Know-How and IP Rights (TTOS) session

Suzanne Erez is the manager and IP Counsel for IBM in Israel, responsible for all IBM IP activities in Israel.   Among her responsibilities are IP issues for acquisitions in Israel, divestiture IP issues, code clearances, standard activities, trademarks, copyrights, invention protection – in both ILPTO and USPTO.   Suzanne also holds  global positions in IBM, where she is co-lead for European Union Framework Projects and Patent Portfolio Manager responsible for semi-conductors.   Suzanne is also manager and responsible for all transactional activities of IBM Research.

Suzanne is registered to practice law in NY, and before the USPTO and ILPTO.  In addition to her law degree, Suzanne has an BSME and MBA.