Dr. Shmuel Ur

Ur Innovation
Panelist in The Role of IP in Seeking and Securing Investments session

Dr. Shmuel Ur (http://ur-innovation.com ) received his Ph.D. in
Algorithms Optimization and Combinatorics in 1994 in Carnegie Mellon
University (advisers: Michael Trick and Nobel prize and Turing award
winner Herbert Simon). Shmuel received his Bs.C. and Ms.C. from the
Technion in Israel. Shmuel has  more than 60 professional
publications, more than 35 granted patents and more than
100 filed patents; he has given numerous talks and tutorials at
academic conferences and in industrial settings. Shmuel was a research
scientist in the IBM research lab in Haifa, Israel for 16 years, where
he held the title of IBM Master Inventor. In the last three years
Shmuel works as an independent inventor and has sold more than 35
ideas to Intellectual Ventures, as well as filed quite a few patents
himself. In addition, Shmuel consults start-up companies, helps them
in inventing and evaluating their inventions, and advises on their IP
strategy. For the past 13 years, at IBM Research and later as an
independent consultant, Shmuel has been active in the area of IP
education, mainly for computer professionals. He initiated a new
workshop entitled Patents and Software Engineering, as well as given
multiple time his two day tutorial on how to monetize ideas.