Dr. Koenraad Wuyts

Head of the Intellectual Property Group at Royal KPN N.V. ("KPN")

The evolution of FRAND options (presentation not provided by speaker)

Koenraad Wuyts (49) graduated in Physics in 1992 and became Bachelor in Philosophy in the same year, both at the University of Leuven. He entered the intellectual property arena in 1994 and qualified as European Patent Attorney in 1999.
Nowadays Koenraad Wuyts is Chief Intellectual Property Officer of the KPN Group companies. The group develops ICT operations worldwide. Before working with KPN, Koenraad Wuyts was the head of patents and licensing at the research center IMEC (Belgium). Over the last ten years of his career Koenraad Wuyts developed extensive experience in patent portfolio management and the broad range of IPR law, currently lecturing frequently at international conferences.