Prof. Daniel Zajfman

President, Weizmann Institute of Science
Academic excellence, basic scientific research and commercialization: can they work together? (presentation not provided by speaker)
Born in Belgium in 1959, Prof. Daniel Zajfman moved to Israel in 1979. He received a BSc in 1983 and a PhD in 1989 from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, in atomic physics. After working as a consultant for Elscint in Haifa, he spent two years at the Argonne National Laboratory, near Chicago, as a postdoctoral fellow. He joined the staff of the Weizmann Institute in 1991. In December of 2006, Prof. Zajfman became the 10th President of the Weizmann Institute, becoming, at 47, the youngest president the Institute has ever had.
Since March 2001, he has been an external member of the Max Planck Institute of Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany, and in 2005, he was appointed director in that institute. He is the a recipient of the Guttwirth Prize, the Levinson Prize in Experimental Physics (1999), the Emilio Segre Awards (1999-2000), and the 2003 Minerva Award. He is chairman of HEMDA, a unique regional science school in Tel Aviv.