Adv. Yonatan Cwikel

Attorney, Israel Antitrust Authority

Recent Developments in The Interplay Between IP And Competition Law session

Yonatan Cwikel, Adv. has been a lawyer at the Israel Antitrust Authority's (IAA) legal department since October 2009. Yonatan currently leads the legal department's IP, transportation, health, defence and tourism team, provides legal counsel regarding the implementation and enforcement of the Restrictive Trade Practices Law, and represents the IAA before the Antitrust Tribunal, Knesset committees, government ministries etc.
Yonatan holds a Combined LLB in law and economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Magna Cum Laude). Upon completion of his studies, Yonatan interned at the IAA, and subsequently joined the legal department's staff as a lawyer. Yonatan has also served as a competition law and policy expert at the OECD's Competition Division in Paris for a period of six months (on secondment from the IAA).