Jusice (retired) Dr. Amiram Benyamini

 District Court, Tel Aviv

IP and the Role of the Judiciary session

He took his first and second degree in law in Tel Aviv University, and then Ph.D. in law from the University of London at The London School of Economics and Political Science (thesis on European Community Patent under the supervision of Prof. W.R. Cornish).
In 1993 published a legal textbook on Patent Infringement in the European Community (I.I.C. Series by the Max Planck Institute in Munich). Judge BENYAMINI was admitted as a member of the Israeli Bar Association in 1980, and practiced as a lawyer in commercial and intellectual property law between 1980-1985, and 1990-1993. 

He was appointed as a Magistrate judge in Tel Aviv in 1993, and subsequently as a judge at the Tel Aviv District Court in 2001 (criminal as well as civil law cases). Between 1994-2005, he was a lecturer on commercial law, banking law and intellectual property law in Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Management, The College of Management Law School and the Law School of The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia. He organized and was in charge of various seminars for judges at the Israeli Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies, on topics including criminal law, banking law, intellectual property and negotiable instruments, as well as seminars on European law organized in co-operation with the EU.